Narumi Stadium(1949),The born place of Japanese professional baseball,about the Japanese ballpark,dimensions of the Japanese ballpark,compare the size of the Japanese ballpark with MLB's,

Narumi Stadium(1949)

Center433.1 ft
Left and Right347.8 ft
Left-Center and Right-Center413.4 ft
Backstop60 ft
Gross area of field177,301 sq.ft
Fair territory129,591 sq.ft
Foul territory47,710 sq.ft
LocationNagoya City,Aichi
Name changesNarumi Stadium('27)〜('58)
Trivia"The Legend" Babe Ruth played in 1934.The first Japanese professional baseball was held at this ballpark in 1936.Closed in Nov.1958.
All dimensions and area are measured from the illustration.