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Meiji Jingu Stadium

Center393.7 ft
Left and Right319.5 ft
Left-Center and Right-Center368.4 ft
Backstop64.3 ft
Gross area of field134,645 sq.ft
Fair territory103,354 sq.ft
Foul territory31,291 sq.ft
LocationShinjuku Ward,Tokyo
Name changesMeiji Jingu Stadium('26)〜Stateside Park('45)〜Meiji Jingu Stadium('52)〜
TriviaTenanted by Tokyo Yakult Swallows.Norichika Aoki(MIL)'s ex-home field.The owner is a religious group(Meiji Shrine).Requisitioned by GHQ after WW2 till 1952.
All dimensions and area are measured from the illustration.